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Also known under the name of Car Wash is one of the farthest from Playa del Carmen. This cenotes is approximately 5 km to the west of Tulum on the Tulum-Coba highway.

This cenote is very open with a relatively large fauna and flora. Here we can observe water lilies throughout the Cenote well as freshwater turtles and if we are lucky we may encounter a small crocodile that has taken up residence on this site.

During the year, after heavy rains, there is formation of tannic acid red or green color in the first meters. In the bottom of the cenote (about 15 feet) the view is amazing.

The tannic acid forms a colored ceiling that contrasts greatly with the transparency of the water on the last three meters ... Beautiful pictures guaranteed!!

The entrance to the cave, upstream is very large and offers good light penetration. The cave tour is throughout the opening; again you will be able to perform amazing pictures.

Level: easy
Max depth: 55 feet/16 meters
Approx dive time: 50 min
Observe: light, fossils, speleothems, water lilies, tannic acid

The route from dive center to cenote AKTUN HA

From Playa del Carmen to Tulum by bus, from Tulum a taxi or rental  car to here.
Independent diving without a FULL CAVE certificate is prohibited.
Recreational dives are only allowed with a guide who has a FULL CAVE certificate  ..

Simply come to us, we will arrange your dives to the most convenient way you want. Our Diving center is located close to the taxi terminal in Playa del Carmen. Welcome!